Omar Almanasrah

Omar Almanasrah

Position: Junior Associate
Categories: Corporate Department


Omar demonstrates his expertise and dedication as a Junior Associate within the esteemed Corporate/Commercial Department at Sharq Law Firm. In this capacity, he actively engages in a multitude of responsibilities, forging strong connections with numerous governmental institutions and leading companies across diverse sectors including Energy, Technology, and Retail. Prior to that, he has shown great expertise in several aspects of law as he gained experience through several internships at renowned law firms in Jordan to further enhance his capabilities. Notably, he has also assisted in advising leading banks and financial institutions in Jordan, showcasing his versatile skill set and ability to navigate complex legal landscapes. By leveraging this comprehensive background, Omar consistently provides insightful and informed advice to globally renowned organizations, ensuring their success in the market.


Advised leading companies in Qatar on several corporate, commercial, and employment matters.

Assisted in reviewing, advising, and negotiating on a dealership agreement between Al Wajba Establishment and Bentley.

Assisted in incorporating companies under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Qatar Financial Centre.

Assisted in drafting and reviewing supply agreements between international companies and governmental institutions.

Advised several international companies in undertaking due diligence reviews in the State of Qatar.

Assisted in drafting shareholders’ agreements for major companies in Qatar.