About Us

Our Vision

Sharq Law Firm for Legal Consultations and Arbitration is a legal foundation established by the key partner, Mr. Rashid bin Saad Al Saad in 2014, where the foundation as- pires to be the leader in the legal field at the local and international levels, through adopting state of the art ways of providing services. We are proud that we are always searching for continuous development, innovation and leadership by being the best in providing legal services on a local and international scale.

What we do

  • Providing legal consultation in all branches of law

  • Drafting and reviewing corporates' internal policies.

  • Auditing contracts and consultations

  • Structuring, negotiating and documenting financial transactions

  • Corporates' boards of directors and secretarial services

  • Licensing and registering trading companies of all forms.

  • Providing all legal services for trading companies.

  • Representing clients before courts of various degrees and types.

  • Negotiating, concluding and drafting settlements.

Our History

Our career in Sharq Law Firm for Legal Consultation and Arbitration started in 2014 in the State of Qatar, when the founder of the office and the key partner, Lawyer Rashid bin Saad Al Saad established Sharq Law Firm, where he worked to develop the Firm to become one of the major leading legal services providers in the state of Qatar and the Middle East, which is specialized in all areas of litigation, legal consultation and arbitration.Since we took our first steps, we have been distinguished by working in accordance with the upmost international standards followed in all legal fields, and we have made our mark in the legal field in the State of Qatar as the leading office in providing consultation services, litigation and arbitration.

We are always looking forward to the future and anticipating the needs of our clients is not limited to understanding their needs and providing appropriate legal advice, nonetheless, it is also about how we provide this advice. During the past few years, we have been at the forefront of firms that fundamentally changed how law firms are managed by rely- ing on modern technology instead of traditional methods, and intro- ducing software packages in managing all businesses as a proactive step towards keeping pace with technological development, in addi- tion to investing in learning and development in the Legal field for all members of the institution.

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