Mai Morgan

Mai Morgan

Position: Paralegal
Categories: Litigation


Mai is a paralegal at Sharq Law Firm and an assistant to the Litigation partner as she is also a member of the Egyptian Bar Association. She possesses negotiating and decision-making abilities, with the core capability in identifying, assessing, and resolving on-site issues that may arise between different parties.


  • Worked with Qatar Rail (2014-2018) – Redline Metro Project.
  • Worked as a legal secretary at Al Dahri Law Firm in Qatar.
  • Worked as a legal secretary at Ghabbour Auto, Egypt.
  • Experienced as a lawyer, paralegal, and legal administrator.
  • Experienced in civil and family law cases.
  • Well-informed in the Qatar Labor Law.
  • Experienced in giving legal opinions and managing, analyzing, and administering all kinds of contracts and agreements.
  • Gained a great deal of experience through her work as an assistant to the Litigation Partner, Counselor Abdelraouf Al-Bekei.