Fady Francis

Fady Francis

Position: Senior Associate
Categories: Litigation

Fady Francis graduated from the Ain Shams University in Egypt in 2006 with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB). Prior to joining Sharq Law Firm, he worked as a legal officer at Barclays Bank and one of largest law firm located in Egypt as an associate.

Fady’s main responsibilities at Sharq Law Firm includes handling litigation files and various types of lawsuits (Commercial, labor, civil and criminal legal actions)

He is skilled in all types of legal actions specialized in civil & commercial. He also has various experiences in commercial and labor matter. He has handled all types of lawsuits and litigation cases including Corporate, SMEs, Retail, Taxation, employment, and cases filed from and against government authorities. His expertise in drafting court memos, execution of judgments, legal Contracts and Agreements as well as providing various legal opinions regarding Commercial, Civil, Investment Companies and Labour legal issues in one of his strong attributes.


His major contributions are:

  • Handling all types of legal actions filed against Barclays bank’s retail delinquent customers (civil and criminal actions).
  • Studied, handled and follow-up – alone – in cooperation of the Legal department at Barclays Bank during that period, many issues in various branches of law (commercial/ labor/ civil and criminal actions).
  • Handling all types of lawsuits and litigation cases including (Corporate, SMEs,Retail,Taxation, employment and cases filed from and against governmental authorities).
  • Drafting various types of legal Contracts and Agreements to big transactions.
  • Handling legal matters related to commercial registration offices and the authentication offices and dealing with governmental authorities.
  • Handling the procedures of property transfer in the Notary Public.
  • Draft various legal opinions regarding (Commercial, civil, Investment, companies and labor legal issues, etc.).
  • Handling all the company establishment procedures in the company’s authorities and the General authority for Investment.