Sarah Alyaqob

Sarah Alyaqob

Position: Associate
Categories: Litigation

Sara graduated from Qatar University and obtained a Bachelor of laws having majored in Qatari law. She subsequently went on to train with the General Retirement & Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA) where she played a pivotal role in the filling off lawsuits related to pensions and the securing of pension funds. Upon completing her successful tenure at the GRSIA she subsequently went on to take a leading legal role at the Al-Faisal Foundation and the Shafallah Centre for Persons with Disabilities.Until she finally joins Sharq Law Firm in the year 2019.[ p end=true]


Sarah regularly advises Governmental and major Qatari institutions on Civil, Commercial and Labour related matters. She has advised key Qatari household names on all matters pertaining to civil and commercial litigation and regularly attends the court directly representing clients in large legal claims


Her contribution involves the following:

  1. Advising the Qatari government in a claim worth over QAR 400 million on an administrative dispute matters


  1. Advising a leading Qatari Public Shareholding Company on a civil dispute worth in excess of QAR 250 million


  1. Attending the Qatari Civil and Commercial Courts in addition to the Labour Disputes Committee directly advocating on behalf of clients


  1. Conducting Administrative tasks at the courts including registering cases and filling appeals and petitions.