Ahmed Ragab

Ahmed Ragab

Position: Paralegal
Categories: Litigation

Upon Graduating from Sharia and Faculty Law in Cairo -Al-Azhar University in the year 2009, Ahmed started working on his as a trainee lawyer in the Court of Appeal, Khaled Mohamed Attia in the State Council as a member of the Afro-Asian Lawyers Law in Cairo for 4 years.

Upon joining Sharq Law Firm in year 2017, he has been assigned to all execution cases related to the firm’s clients from following up, issuing statement of claims, legal memorandums until compelling opponents in obtaining the rights of the clients as soon as possible.


His major contributions are:

  • Dealing with several types of lawsuits, especially in bank cases, and possessing the skill of drafting case memoranda and filing legal defenses to all court stages and specialized in judgment execution and contract drafting.
  • Provide different legal opinions and advice on commercial and civil legal matters, as well as in other areas of law.
  • Working on all civil and labor cases of Commercial Bank Qatar.