Mohamed Abdul Jasem AI Banaali AI Mohannadi


Before joining Sharq Law Firm, Al Mohannadi was Judge assistant 3/4/1995, under the decision number three of his highness the prime minister in 1995, Minor civil court judge 5/4/1998, by decree number 10 in 1998, A judge of the High Civil Court 12/10/2002, by decree number 43 in 2002, Judge in the court of appeal, 2/10/2004, by decree number 112 in 2004, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal and, In addition to his original job, he became the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Justice in 22/10/2004 till 2008.


  • Head of the department of the minor criminal court.
  • Head of the department of the minor civil court (rentals).
  • Head of the department of the juvenile court, along with his role in the department of the minor civil court.
  • Head of the implementation of the High Civil Court, delegated by the minor civil court.
  • A member of the Department of the High Civil Court (workers), In addition to the civil and commercial department.
  • A member of the Department of the High Criminal Court.
  • A member of the department, which took the court in the killing of Chechen president Bandarbayev.
  • Head of a department in the high civil court (civil and commercial).
  • A member of the department of the court of appeal (civil and commercial).
  • A member of the department of the court of appeal which is responsible for setting the issues of the corporates of the city.
  • A member of the Department of the Court of Appeal, criminals and borders, punishments, and appeals of the family court.
  • An international arbitrator at the Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration.
  • Chairman of Committees of the Central Municipal Council elections.
  • Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee at DSMcompetent securities, with the separation attributed to brokers and companies, that their papers are being dealt with in the market.
  • Violating the provisions of the act of DSM number 14 in 1995, and regulations and decisions of the organizations in the market, rules and related assets to practice the profession.
  • A member of the committee preparing necessities to implement the provisions of the Judicial Authority Law Procedure.
  • A member of the representatives of the courts, the national project management for the development of public services in the state administration.
  • Chairman of the preparation of the administrative and finance staff when working on the judiciary law requirements.
  • A legal expert and a member of the Family Counseling Centre Board.
  • A member of the committee that will be responsible for the analytical study of the laws and legislation related to women and children in Qatar.
  • Participate in meetings of the Legislative Committee of the Amiri Diwan to discuss the amendment to the Code of Procedure on the occasion of issuing authority law and appeal procedures to discrimination in non-criminal matters.
  • Participation in the selection committees of the new judges of the Arab Republic of Egypt that will work in Qatari courts.
  • Participation in the meeting of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs to discuss the response of the Committee on the Rights of the Children by the United Nations, and on how to implement the rights contained in the convention by the courts of justice.
  • Coordination between the courts and the centre of family counselling in all matters related to the relevant courts Center.
  • Chairman of the committee preparing the organization structure of the courts.