Josias de Salles


Before joining Sharq Law Firm, Josias de Salles was a legal advisor at Lloyds PR Solicitors (UK) and part of the Regulatory Team at the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (UK). Josias has gained extensive experience in regulatory matters with a particular focus on the financial services and insurance sectors. Josias also has experience dealing with Corporate Governance, Privacy, Data-Protection, CSR and Anti- Bribery matters.


Josias is a qualified Barrister (non-practising) in England & Wales having been called to the Bar in 2011. He has over 4 years’ experience in legal practice and in-house roles.

He has experience in advising on a wide range of Regulatory, Corporate Governance, Data- Protection, Policy and Anti-Bribery matters. Josias also has a background in legal research, contract review and policy drafting.


  • Incorporating a JV in the form of a Holding Company between a Qatari Holding Company and a Chinese Infrastructure and Energy Company representing the Government of China.
    Transaction value – 100 million USD.
  • Incorporating three JVs in the firm of subsidiaries of the previously incorporated Holding Company under the QFCRA to conduct the regulated activities.
  • Assisted in implementing a key project in the insurance industry alongside the Ministry of Justice (UK), Association of British Insurers (UK) and the Information Commissioners Office (UK). This involved the review of key contracts, privacy documentation, data sharing agreements
    and user agreements.
  • Advised and drafted the group-wide Anti-Bribery procedure for a large insurance organisation/information asset manager (UK).
  • Advised on regulatory policy matters such as CSR, AML, Data Protection and Privacy.
  • Drafted licensing applications on behalf of financial services’ clients; particularly involving the FCA (UK) and HM Revenue & Customs (UK).