Dr. Ahmed Abdallah


Before joining Sharq Law Firm, Dr. Ahmed Abdallah was a Partner and a Head of the litigation department at Sarie Eldin and Partner legal advisors (Egypt). He also previously practised as Senior Associate at Shalakany law office (Egypt). Dr.Ahmed has gained strong practical knowledge and developed an understanding of the practice by working in an international law firm.


Dr. Ahmed Abdallah has 20 years of local and international experience in litigation in claims and lawsuits involving Civil law, Social insurance law, Labor Law, Tax Law, Telecommunication Regulations, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, investment law, Tender law, Criminal law, and Capital Markets law.


  • Drafting and reviewing all kind of statement cases.
  • Drafting and reviewing Memorandums.
  • Drafting and reviewing legal opinions.
  • Drafting and reviewing challenges of appeal.
  • Drafting and reviewing Challenges of cassation.
  • Conducting legal due diligence reports related.
  • Handling all labour dispute cases (litigation and arbitration).
  • Conducting internal investigations with employees.
  • Drafting and reviewing legal opinions/ memos related to labour and social insurance law.
  • Conducting legal due diligence reports on employment and social insurance.
  • Advising leading companies on a wide range of employment, labour and social insurance
  • Advising companies on matters relating to employees termination.
  • Drafting and reviewing employment, consultancy and management agreements and other recruitment and end of service documents.
  • Drafting/reviewing HR Handbooks for multinational companies.
  • Drafting and reviewing collective bargaining agreements.
  • Attending mediation and negotiations meeting.