Abdelraouf Elbekei


Abdelraouf has served as a judge of the Honorable Cassation Court (Supreme Court) of Qatar for ten years. Appointed to judiciary in 1982, he was p romoted on various occasions to prestigious posts including Judge of the Appellate Court and Vice-President of the Appellate Court. Abdelraouf heads and supervises our litigation and arbitration team.


For almost 30 years in Qatar, Mr. Elbekei occupied many judicial positions including Judge in the Appeals Court and Vice-President of the Appeals Court. He also served as judge in the Supreme Court for ten years. He has been a member of the Permanent Committee responsible for the legislative affairs in Qatar since 2011.


  • Has experience in the private sector where he was the Legal Counsellor of a private group of firms (Almana Company) for four years.
  • Has cognate experience in international arbitration and has held positions that vary from defence lawyer to arbitrator from 1994 to 1997.
  • Worked at almost every level of the judicial system, and has participated in establishing new legislation over a distinguished career that spans four decades.
  • A certified arbitrator at CRCICA (Cairo Regional Centre For International Commercial Arbitration).