Ghaya Al-Sakiti


Before joining Sharq Law Firm, Ghaya Al-Sakiti was a staff associate and paralegal at Khalid Al Attiya Legal Consultant & Attorney (Qatar). She also worked with Al –Aoujan Lawyers & Legal Consultants. She previously practised as a lawyer at the Courts of Qatar. Ghaya has gained strong practical knowledge and developed an understanding of the practice by working in different law firms, associate and legal intern.


Ms. Ghaya has worked with a professional team of lawyers specialist in commercial law, criminal law, civil law, family law, corporate law, and litigation.

Additionally, she also has been actively involved in litigation matters. Regarding to her LLB degree in Law from Qatar University College of Law, Qatar, she has been undertaken legal works in family law of Qatar.


  • Responding to requests for information.
  • Performing legal research.
  • Creating and distributing reports.
  • Preparing legal documents.
  • Researching legal precedent.
  • Drafting correspondence, briefs and legal memorandums.
  • Attended client meetings and interacted during cases to update and gather information.
  • Drafting different types of contracts for the clients.
  • Attended court’s hearings of diverse types of cases.
  • Working with the accounts department in collecting debts.
  • Aware with all of the litigation process.